Ahad, 11 Oktober 2009


guys = should be put in the basket

do u agree with it my dear follower?

Jumaat, 2 Oktober 2009

missing my family

before this i never think hard about my family,honestly. but,after this raya there is so much things happen. i'm thinking of how long i can live with my family, especially my grandma. they said the regular dying age of malaysian just 65 plus minus..i was so frigthen of loosing them.

yes, i admit that i'am a troublesome person.. i really regret and still regret on 1 thing. get out from mrsm. i think if i dot do that thing, i can save my sis from do the same thing also.

i always thingking of living far far away from my family before this. but now, if possible i want to have a job around K.T and settle down there.to be more closer to them.

i donno how to make them happy except make them laugh with my bangang jokes n stories.

hopefully we can live with the Gods bless forever...amin