Ahad, 22 Mac 2009

born to be a leader.

mgu ne adalah minggu yg sgt busy bagi aku..penat yg x ilang lagi dari pegi kem weekend baru ne x ilang lagi, aku terpasa through another hectic schedule.walaupun aku mmg suka pada hectic life schedule, tp kali ne mmg dah overdose.hope aku blh get through this week dgn jayanya..
dan..aku xsempat nk upload pic g kem baru ne..so,nex week je la..tguu...

Rabu, 18 Mac 2009

Reborn of soul.

They said I have change. A lot.

They said I’am not nurish that they had known for the past few years. since we were met at the first day.in 3 and half years back.

They said I am not the dark, silence, no future, weak, unconfident Nurish anymore.

They said, now I’m very talkative, very positive,more confident, more beautiful(hope so:) and more shining than before.ahaks

They saw another people in me.

Whatever they said…

Actually, I’am not changed.
Honestly, this is what I am. The true me.
I have lost my heart and soul for a very long time. A nightmare days.
In arau, I tried to find back all my life and rebuilt it slowly.
After years of searching and rebuilding of myself, now I have found it back and want to live loud with it.


Isnin, 16 Mac 2009


I have ‘terdelete’ ALL my photos in the phone. I did not have any copy of them as my phone did not have bluetoOth. And I never mms it to others. I really did not remember when I have done such damn thing.huhu..I actually a nostalgic person. I really missed the picture of me and my grandma, anis with her cutes looks, anis when she still a baby and wanna vomit on my palm..ERK.., athirah when she was sleeping and those funny pictures .and also picture of my friends when we were still in arau...:(


Sem ne adalah 3rd sem aku stay kat Melati ne.dan juga 2nd sem barang2 aku asek kne curi.
Pergh, hangin tul aku.Aku x kesah kalau orang tu nak guna barang2 aku,tapi tolong pulang kan balik!! Dari jeans,kasuts,sabun ke sarung bantal aku,sume dia ne nak kebas.Aku xpasti kerja sape sebenarnye ne.Aku mmg xsuka nak piker sape pencuri tu. Cuma satu soalan je aku nak Tanya kt si pencuri ne.Seronok sangat ke mencuri barang2 aku??

Sabtu, 7 Mac 2009

play like a pro

last nite, my friends and i went to sports center to play squash.at the same time,there was a meeting with MPP.hehe i dnt go...otai la sket.dah jd seniorita kans..

actually, i want to play basketball.but, the court was still under construction. so, we sticked to the plan A : squash.
we borrowed the racquet from there and started to play as we were in the olympic games.as pro as nicol david..playing hard from 8.30 pm to 10.15pm..

pergh.i'm very exhausted!! after games over games, we decided to returned to hostel.hiihii,before that we 'pekena' milo ice kau kau @ fuyooh.the best in D.c..hehea

about 11p.m,we returned to hostel.me and tet to melati & Ell n Teh to delima. Ell tthe beranang gurl had falled into the drain near Teratai.fortunately,she didnt injured.the most fortunately, there were no boys to gelaks at her:P

The best part was, tet n i hampir2 cant get into tthe hostel coz the guard want to lock up the gate.very sharp @11p.m..good job pak guard.fuhh..sempat jgk mencelah masuk..Hey gurls, next week tennis plk:)

Isnin, 2 Mac 2009


this is a pix when my friend spent her holiday time during the CNY in my hometown,k.T..its quite a memorable moment (erk, i dun have any other suitable words rite now :) as i never brounght back any friend to my home for quite a long time.

i did love this pix as it is very spontaneous action..sincere and pure

loc: muzium negeri terengganu..

i believed in this phrase : pictures worth more than a thousand words


at last, i hv my own blog! hoyea..:) for the 1st time being a blogger,nothing much ideas comes acrooss my mind rite now.dun have 'that' feeling to write something especially im 'forced' to online in PTAR.my college internet dnt' dat good for few couples of weeks back.very low connection.SIGH!!!

actually, i'm not dat good in expressing feelings through writing.

but, i'm now trying to explore myself by writing..ehemm:)