Selasa, 27 April 2010

I am very ambitious person.
Iwant to do alots of things.
from studying, working ,travelling, wages,lovelife...
all i want to built up in one day,if i can.

But, some time we just planing on it.



In my case, i REALLY,EAGERLY want to be a safety & health office r.
Since i know there are a job called safety and of ficer, i'm just into it.
trying harder than those pengampu people in the class in order to be the scorer in this subject.

But , at the end
the only obstacle i have get through is money.
I DON HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to go for that training at NIOSH.
this problem really make me fell lost.
crying until my eyes become so sembab.

After a deep hard thinking, i decide to postpone this dream job of mine.
I need to do some else.
In this reality working world, the ENVIRONMENTAL tech. postgrade seems does not have that much opportunity as the others.
But i'm trying as positive + + + + +
as i can to be a part of the colourful world.
Trying in some other time when i can used my own money.
Passionately looking forward it \(^__^)/

bintang 365 hari

He is a man in my dream life that i have been looking for.

not tht good looking, but sedap la tk mata aku ne menengok.

not tht pandai, but boleh la 3 pointer tu tk coures yg tough tu.

not tht 'mulut manis', but boleh menenang kan jiwa kaco ak.

all above are no longer become a part of my life.
i have decide to let him go.

from my life.
So, i hope i'm not thinking about him anymore.

Rabu, 23 Disember 2009

LIfE wasnt tht EaSy hunney!!

gua da lame x tulis kt blog ne..bkn hape,idea yg nk d kua kan xde bile duk depan pc ne...ehmemm, arini gua mmg fedup nk mampos..

1 ; gua nk dpt knn bas 604 nk msk uitm bapak lambat nk mampos..sejam tgu kt depan
pusat komeSIAL tuh..gua hangin,so gua pon

2: jalan kaki ke pusat keSEHATan.tgu bas kt c2 plak..bru je gua meletakkan punkuk gua atas kusi besi, bas 604 lalu ngn bangge nye..fuuhh,driver bas ne mmg kasi gua hangit la..SIAL btl...
3: bas 603 sampai dpn gua 15 minit pas tuh..gua cube menenangkan dri gua dgn mengatakan gua adalah PELAJAR PLG RAJEN!!...

4: dgn ati yg membengkak gua g kedai 1 stop koner sb nk ble kedit..cik adek jaga kedai ckp: sori kak, kredit dah abes..adus, npe malang sgt arini? Sial sey..

5: ak msg sorg member aku ne.bkn nye nk reply.aku kadang2 bengang ngn dia ne.boleh x tme ak nk mintak sikit idea, blh x angkat phne tu.jgn la duk melayan dunia ko tu sgt.ak faham mmg syok klo ade duania yg ke-2 ne,but some time..

6: kadang2 aku bengang ngn diri aku sendiri..aku ssh nk cakap TIDAK kat kwn2 ak.aku bkn nye nk ungkit, tapi cm tu lah..A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED (ntah betul x pepatah omputeh ak ne). tapi maksud ye lebey kureng cm tu la..

7: aku mmg da FED-UP ngn arini aku wat keputusan xnk wat lab sbb ak xtau cnne nk wat calibration curve tk UV tuh..heummm!!!!

Selasa, 1 Disember 2009

back to shah alam

i'am now at cyber cafe under my rumah sewa in pusat komersial.senyap sunyi sepi area uitm dan kawasan2 yg sewaktu denagn nye la..

aku datang awal ne sbb nk wat pojek akher sem ak.huh .aku malas tul la nk wat bende ne.
semoga aku mempunyai semangat baru mulai esok..=)

Ahad, 11 Oktober 2009


guys = should be put in the basket

do u agree with it my dear follower?

Jumaat, 2 Oktober 2009

missing my family

before this i never think hard about my family,honestly. but,after this raya there is so much things happen. i'm thinking of how long i can live with my family, especially my grandma. they said the regular dying age of malaysian just 65 plus minus..i was so frigthen of loosing them.

yes, i admit that i'am a troublesome person.. i really regret and still regret on 1 thing. get out from mrsm. i think if i dot do that thing, i can save my sis from do the same thing also.

i always thingking of living far far away from my family before this. but now, if possible i want to have a job around K.T and settle down be more closer to them.

i donno how to make them happy except make them laugh with my bangang jokes n stories.

hopefully we can live with the Gods bless forever...amin

Selasa, 25 Ogos 2009

jaudah berbuka puasa

wish i have all these food heaven for buka puasa:P

1.mixed grill seafood

2.tomyam thai (pedas giler)

3. original chicken tikka with dry masala

4.bihun singapore

5. chocolate ice cream