Selasa, 27 April 2010

I am very ambitious person.
Iwant to do alots of things.
from studying, working ,travelling, wages,lovelife...
all i want to built up in one day,if i can.

But, some time we just planing on it.



In my case, i REALLY,EAGERLY want to be a safety & health office r.
Since i know there are a job called safety and of ficer, i'm just into it.
trying harder than those pengampu people in the class in order to be the scorer in this subject.

But , at the end
the only obstacle i have get through is money.
I DON HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to go for that training at NIOSH.
this problem really make me fell lost.
crying until my eyes become so sembab.

After a deep hard thinking, i decide to postpone this dream job of mine.
I need to do some else.
In this reality working world, the ENVIRONMENTAL tech. postgrade seems does not have that much opportunity as the others.
But i'm trying as positive + + + + +
as i can to be a part of the colourful world.
Trying in some other time when i can used my own money.
Passionately looking forward it \(^__^)/

2 ulasan:

  1. sabar la..kita hanya mampu merancang..sekali kecewa xapa

  2. yup..
    thts what we called life=)