Rabu, 18 Mac 2009

Reborn of soul.

They said I have change. A lot.

They said I’am not nurish that they had known for the past few years. since we were met at the first day.in 3 and half years back.

They said I am not the dark, silence, no future, weak, unconfident Nurish anymore.

They said, now I’m very talkative, very positive,more confident, more beautiful(hope so:) and more shining than before.ahaks

They saw another people in me.

Whatever they said…

Actually, I’am not changed.
Honestly, this is what I am. The true me.
I have lost my heart and soul for a very long time. A nightmare days.
In arau, I tried to find back all my life and rebuilt it slowly.
After years of searching and rebuilding of myself, now I have found it back and want to live loud with it.


2 ulasan:

  1. ho...fuyoo..hebat la noris...gaban la noris..tau gaban? dok au nk kate mende .. "independent traveller"..oh WOW..hahahaha

  2. chaiyyok beb..
    i know u're strong..i love urself and ur nightmare is almost the same with me..
    we're in the same boot