Isnin, 16 Mac 2009


I have ‘terdelete’ ALL my photos in the phone. I did not have any copy of them as my phone did not have bluetoOth. And I never mms it to others. I really did not remember when I have done such damn thing.huhu..I actually a nostalgic person. I really missed the picture of me and my grandma, anis with her cutes looks, anis when she still a baby and wanna vomit on my palm..ERK.., athirah when she was sleeping and those funny pictures .and also picture of my friends when we were still in arau...:(

2 ulasan:

  1. sabar la nuris..
    xpe2..pas ni..ko tuka phone baru j k =P

  2. lek r beb..apa yang penting ko da scan memori2 tu sumer dalam kotak pikiran ko..then apa yang penting?KEJESAMA