Sabtu, 7 Mac 2009

play like a pro

last nite, my friends and i went to sports center to play the same time,there was a meeting with MPP.hehe i dnt go...otai la sket.dah jd seniorita kans..

actually, i want to play basketball.but, the court was still under construction. so, we sticked to the plan A : squash.
we borrowed the racquet from there and started to play as we were in the olympic pro as nicol david..playing hard from 8.30 pm to 10.15pm..

pergh.i'm very exhausted!! after games over games, we decided to returned to hostel.hiihii,before that we 'pekena' milo ice kau kau @ fuyooh.the best in D.c..hehea

about 11p.m,we returned to and tet to melati & Ell n Teh to delima. Ell tthe beranang gurl had falled into the drain near Teratai.fortunately,she didnt injured.the most fortunately, there were no boys to gelaks at her:P

The best part was, tet n i hampir2 cant get into tthe hostel coz the guard want to lock up the gate.very sharp @11p.m..good job pak guard.fuhh..sempat jgk mencelah masuk..Hey gurls, next week tennis plk:)

4 ulasan:

  1. may i join ur sport clubs?sound interesting..
    but i just wanna be 'tukang sorak' wakaka

  2. of course u can be my pom pom girl..
    with d short skirt only..hehe

  3. ris..sorry weh..
    ak byk kli try nk tukar ke bi..=(
    tp x dpt r..
    aku da link ko..
    t ko lin aku ek..

  4. hai! salam perkenalan!! hehehe
    aku da link ko jugek!