Isnin, 2 Mac 2009


at last, i hv my own blog! hoyea..:) for the 1st time being a blogger,nothing much ideas comes acrooss my mind rite now.dun have 'that' feeling to write something especially im 'forced' to online in college internet dnt' dat good for few couples of weeks back.very low connection.SIGH!!!

actually, i'm not dat good in expressing feelings through writing.

but, i'm now trying to explore myself by writing..ehemm:)

2 ulasan:

  1. why my comment does not appear ha?

  2. trying to explore urself by writing..interesting..haha..even u r not good in expressing feeling through writing but u have very good feeling on that person who aspire u ti be a blogger rite?hah..anyway..welcome to 'blogger world'